In Technology we started by learning the importance of nutrition, then began focusing on the honey that is produced from our hive to make our own recipes and cookbooks that heroes the ingredient of honey. We then started designing our bee hive. Firstly with pencil and paper individually,before merging into groups and combining our ideas...


In Mathematics we used Raspberry Pi devices to collect data from around the college in order to find the best location for our bee hive. Each Raspberry Pi was coded to collect temperature data from different locations in the front garden of the school. The data was then taken from the Raspberry Pi devices, then analysed and presented by each group.

In Science we focused on the different adaptations that bees obtain. Then using our new knowledge, we focused on how these adaptations affect honey collection for the different types of bees. We have created  our own websites, social media posts and  newsletter articles to promote awareness of the native stingless bees at our school and the local district.


Our College is a Catholic school established in 1884 by the Poor Clare Sisters after receiving an invitation from the Franciscan Friars in 1880, making the College one of the oldest Catholic schools in Australia. College life and learning are the values of our Catholic faith. These are nurtured by the Franciscan tradition and captured by our school motto “Deus meus et omnia” (My God in all things).


We are looking towards a sustainable future and hopefully influencing young boys and girls to be involved in STEM, just as we are in 7.1 at St Clare's.


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